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   City Auditor Trent Williams  breaks tradition with old practice of special consideration for the elite super-wealthy.  Mobster C. Clayton Johnson got by with holding the September 1999 fire sale for the Martings "damaged merchandise" without paying proper fees and later in 2002 the same SOGP/Mob-Man Clay Johnson again cheated the city by not paying even one dime in  "Going Out of Business Sale" fees for the final months-long sale of Martings merchandise.   (You remember C. Clayton Johnson: he is the   SOGP man who cheated us out of two million dollars in the Martings Fraud in May 2002.  He still has our money.)

Auditor Trent Williams did not let the big-money  Warsaw Family off without paying "Going out of Business" fees.   Good work, Trent; thanks for doing an honest job on Lewis Furniture.  The City needs the fees.....written by Austin Leedom



According to people who keep us informed at City Hall,

his failure to make Child Support payments did not keep

“Dead-Beat Daddy” City Councilman John R. Haas from driving

a stylish new Porsche Cayenne Luxury auto to the special “Recall Jane Murray”  city council session last night.  This must be new!  Vehicle  has 30-day tag displayed.  To people who don’t know him, Councilman Haas may be impressive in his new $42, 990 Porsche Luxury Cayenne.   (Reference : Automobile Magazine.)



Truth about why John Haas was appointed to Council  10 Dec 08|offset=10

Opinion and prediction, by Austin Leedom 8 Dec 08-

(This article was written and published the day before the council meeting when Haas was appointed)



Fifth Ward City Councilman John R. Haas was ordered to appear in Common Pleas Court 11/10/10 for contempt of court for failure to provide support for his children. 


John Haas FAILEURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT case still pending in Common Pleas Court – Most recent motion was filed on Thursday, October 28, 2010.








Mayor Calls City Corrupt

was a top news line in the Thursday, August 19, 2010

edition of the Portsmouth Daily Times (PDT) FRANK LEWIS, PDT Staff Writer in a front page article, reported, “Portsmouth Mayor Jane Murray has called the city of Portsmouth ‘the most corrupt city I have ever witnessed,’ in an on-screen interview with WSAZ TV in Huntington.”  

Reporter Lewis reported that in an interview with Mayor

Murray she affirmed she had made the statement.


Two days later, in the Sunday, 21 August, 2010 edition of the

Portsmouth Daily Times reporter FRANK LEWIS wrote:

Horner Says Mayor Should

Back Up Allegations


FRANK LEWIS quoted Police Chief Horner, “Horner said use

of the word corruption infers that the Police Department, Fire

Department, Solicitor’s Office or any such department in the city, i

s corrupt, and thus sheds a bad light on everybody in city government—

And that’s not good for the community.  If there is evidence,

the evidence needs to be brought forward to the appropriate

authorities for evaluation, Horner said”


“On Friday, Murray was asked her response to Horner’s call for evidence to back her claims. “At the right time I will take the information to the proper authorities,” Murray responded.

End of quotes taken from the Portsmouth Daily Times.


It is noteworthy that no other member of any other city department who complained to FRANK LEWIS about Mayor Murray mentioning corruption.

Only Police Chief Charles Horner cried out,   Chief Horner may have spoken up just to get his name in the newspaper again and at the same time aggravate the Mayor, if he could.  Or Horner may have good reason that he doesn’t like to hear about corruption of public officials.


There is an old-time saying that seems to fit this situation.

 “When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the dog that yelps

and cries is the dog you hit.”


Portsmouth Police Chief Charles “Chuckie” Horner wants to know about corruption.   Horner has been less a policeman and more of a crooked politician and paid-for servant of the super-wealthy local

gangsters/shysters/bankers who have looted our city treasury. 

The continued thefts of city funds (such as the Two Million Dollar Marting Foundation Fraud)  by the wealthy gangsters over the years have greatly created the shortage of money needed to maintain city streets, sewers, buildings, swimming pools, city parks and Spartan Stadium.

The shortage caused by wrongful and fraudulent spending led to repeated increases in citizens’ water, trash and sewer bills and escalation in real estate taxes in order to avoid a deficit budget.  This game of take more, give less back to the people played out at the end of 2009 when lack of funds caused by irresponsible spending was found to have left the city in a deficit of over a million dollars.


Chief Horner for many years has been a big player, influencing City Council members by various questionable means.  In 2006 Horner influenced Council to place an ordinance on the city wide election ballot to raise our income taxes.  

If passed by the voters his proposal would have created another $900,000 a year in increased taxes.  Voters rejected the Charles Horner Tax Amendment by a tremendous margin.


While refusing and failing in almost every way possible to perform an

acceptable job of protecting the property and safety of the citizens of

Portsmouth, Horner has actively sought to spread false self-serving propaganda in many public forums, including city government meetings, and has used the local radio and newspapers to help create improper, untrue public images and opinions. 





Police Chief Charles Horner possibly was absolutely astounded and amazed with the corruption information.  Perhaps he couldn’t believe that corruption could be found in Portsmouth; after all he, Charles Horner has been prospering on the public payroll as a police officer for nearly thirty years and has been the Chief since 2002.


Charles Horner indicated that he felt “corruption” was a very serious

allegation and the Mayor should report it to proper authorities.

Sure, he wants the information.  He wants to investigate! 

If he were given the evidence of corruption the Mayor has, would his

investigation be botched as so many of the other official inquiries he has undertaken have been bungled through the years?


Horner would like to have any corruption evidence the Mayor has, and

that would be a finish to any creditable investigation.  He is trying to outwit and falsely discredit the Mayor as he has been doing since she took office.


Chief Horner is at a disadvantage trying to outwit Mayor Murray; he is far out of his class when it comes to matching wits with most average

people.  Mayor Murray is far more intelligent, much better educated than Horner who has little formal education and no degree.  Jane Murray has been employed on the staff of a Member of Congress and made friends in the United States Congress in the nation’s Capitol.  She has powerful connections in high government positions in Washington. D.C.   Jane Murray knows where and how to report crime and corruption. 


Portsmouth Mayor Jane Murray is reporting the corruption she is finding, but she is presenting her information to law enforcement officials at high government levels.


Portsmouth Police Chief Charles Horner is, in my opinion, the personification of corruption.  He has been a major player as a “bad cop” and court records, federal and state, have his history of mendacity, abuse of power under color of law, false affidavits,  false arrests, repeated violations of citizen’s civil rights, failure to account for public funds and other wrongful acts.


   Throughout his career, even before he sent a crew of his drug raid officers to smash a door off the hinges of the wrong house onto the floor of a Harrisonville Avenue home in December 1991, he had a reputation of being an abusive cop.


WRONG HOUSE,  Sorry, Charlie!


Although Horner confessed that he had had the proper ‘drug’ house under surveillance for nearly a week, he sent his men into the home of a very elderly couple, next door to the targeted  ”drug house.”   Wrong house!  This botched raid was one of many faulty stupid actions he was to make in the following years. 

This illegal action of wrongful entry into an aged innocent couple’s home was bad, but not nearly as bad and damaging as future actions Charles Horner was destined to commit.

The Shawnee Sentinel and Doug Deepe Websites have written extensively since 2003 of many corrupt acts by Charles Horner as the leader of the Drug Task Force and as Portsmouth Chief of Police. 

Not all of our discoveries and writings have been published. 

Portsmouth Daily Times Reporters and several video newsmen were on hand at his bungled raid on Lee Scott on Market Street in May 2008. At that scene Chief Horner sent Lt. Lynn Brewer to the

Municipal Judge to file an affidavit and get a warrant to search a truck he wrongly believed to be the property of Lee Scott. 

Chief Horner ordered his officers to lie.  

That was a crime Horner may yet be punished for.


That was corruption and Mayor Jim Kalb had to remove him from duty or prosecute him.  Kalb kindly placed Charles Horner on administrative leave and took away Horner’s police authority, his badge, gun and the keys to Horner’s offices.


In a video-recorded (By Moezine) public civil service board hearing in which Charles Horner was seeking to get his job back, Lt. Lynn Brewer was asked what Chief Charles Horner had told him the day he went to Court to get a search warrant.  

Without hesitation, and while seated within four feet of

Chief Horner, Lt. Lynn Brewer said, “He told me to lie.”  

Horner escaped imprisonment for this criminal act as City Solicitor Mike Jones failed to prosecute Horner.





Yesterday, in a short time, we pulled out 41 pages on corruption by our police chief and associated officers from our files. 

That was easy, we could have extracted ten times that much information. 

Much of the corruption information in our files is to be published in our upcoming book, “Terrorism By Local Police.”   Coming hard-copy editions of the Shawnee Sentinel newspaper will be printing many corruption articles.

By Austin Leedom 11 Oct 2010

Written by Austin Leedom on Friday, 02 April, 2010


(Thank God!  The citizens of Portsmouth voted the surly, abusive, corrupt Jim Kalb out of the Mayor's office in November 2009. Kalb only got 26% of the vote.)


Yesterday morning, at Scioto County Common Pleas Court,

61-year-old Wayne Lee Nichols, of 2018 Eighth Street was

facing charges of theft, forgery and receiving stolen property. 

(These charges were the apparent result of a special

investigation of Mr. Nichols by two Portsmouth Police

Officers.) Through his attorney Aaron Triplett, Mr. Nichols

had asked for a trial by jury; the trial was to begin Monday,

the Fifth Day of April. 


In a pre-trial hearing yesterday, the Court as requested by

the State dismissed all the charges against Mr. Nichols. 


Nichols was delighted with the dismissals and he is thankful

for the fine legal defense by Attorney Triplett.  The dismissals

were good news for Nichols who has had little good news

since February 2006 when he took out petitions to run against

the appointed Jerrold Albrecht for the 4th Ward Council seat.


Nichols, a severely disabled US Navy veteran, had been in regular attendance at City

Council meetings where he often complained of ordinances and decisions by the council

that he thought were unfair and financially burdensome to citizens.   The Mayor (Kalb)

and some of he councilmen were disturbed with Nichols for pointing out what he believed

was their improper handling of city finances. 


In February 2006 Nichols decided to run for Councilman in his 4th ward.  Soon after

Nichols got his election petitions City officials wrote him a warning for having a

“cluttered porch”.  This news item was ‘leaked’ to the Daily Times by city personnel. 

The Times gave it big billing in publishing the “news” that Candidate Nichols porch

was “cluttered,” and he must remove the clutter to abide by city regulations.


On the day before the May election the Daily Times front-paged the story that

Candidate Nichols had been formally charged with having “a cluttered porch” and

must appear in Municipal Court to answer to this misdemeanor.  Nichols got enough

primary votes to qualify for the fall election.   In the fall election Albrecht won over

Nichols by a narrow margin of 18 votes.


The city officials harassed Mr. Nichols repeatedly.  One day Police were sent to

7th and 8th Streets to write parking tickets.  They wrote four tickets that day, two to

Nichols.  One ticket was written for parking a vehicle with one tire on the curb,

another ticket for failing to move his vehicle often enough. 


The police continued writing tickets.  The next time they wrote violations against

Nichols’ three vehicles, towed the vehicles away to TST garage in the middle of the month. 

This hurt Nichols as it cost $20.00 for each vehicle to get police permission to reclaim his

vehicles, plus the parking fines, plus a $50.00 towing charge on each vehicle, plus a $20.00

dollar a day storage charge on each vehicle.  This ticketing and towing by city police was

done in the middle of the month, and Nichols, the crippled veteran, who was surviving on a

$700.00 a month disability pension, had to wait until the first of the next month, and then

borrow money to reclaim his vehicles.


Later Mr. Nichols was severely beaten by five men who were attempting to rob his

neighbor’s property.  No arrest was made.


Nichols was later arrested on a charge of menacing with a gun when a person took his

cell phone and refused to hand it back.  This case went to jury trial in Municipal Court

and Nichols was found not guilty.


His latest arrest was five days before the fall election of 2009 when he was jailed with no bond

on indictments from the grand jury on the felony charges he faced yesterday.  Apparently the

court didn’t get notice of the warrant being served and Nichols was in jail five days until the

Prosecuting Attorney’s Office learned of the situation and quickly secured a bond hearing for him.  

He was released on his signature. 


During the five days he was in jail his home on 8th street was burned to the ground and a forty-feet

motor home beside the house was destroyed in the very early hours of the morning

on Election Day. 


Mayor Kalb, who once had threatened Mr. Nichols during a council meeting, did visit the scene

of the fire about noon on that Election Day.


Hopefully, the destitute crippled old veteran will have happier days ahead.  We can hope, and pray.

Mr. Nichols no longer has a house, only ashes.


Written by Austin Leedom on 02 April, 2010

Sorry, but the OHIO EPA must have rolled over in laughter ith this letter, who wrote this for him. The more  maintenance one like he suggested the more flow it's in the combine sewers and their capacity,how big the sewer are, no capacity, no flow.  
I assume that all this stuff they "were looking at" they are still looking like Baughman is slapping around ideas on the city building? 
And by the way, taking the roof drains out of the sewers and putting them in the street does noting but just moves the water around cause in a combined seewer system the water still ends  cause up in the WWTP.........
what a hoot, Can't wait to get all these lists identified and
have debates for publications, etc.


(Written at 12:30 a.m. Monday, August 23, 2004 by Austin Leedom)

Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 12:15 a.m. Monday, August 23, 2004.
As written by Reporter Jay Olson on Saturday, August 21, 2004, five of the 2’ by 2’ concrete squares with the imprints of famous peoples' signatures, handprints and footprints were found at Shawnee State University.
There were twelve more at the Roy Rogers Esplanade. They are missing. The names on the twelve concrete squares at the Esplanade were:
Roy Rogers
Roy Jr.
Dale Evans
Vern Riffe
Al Oliver
Gene Tenace
Sunset Carson
John Russel
Bill Campbell
Jerry Reed
Terry Frost
Eddie Dean
(Written by Austin Leedom at 12:45 a.m. on Monday, August 23, 2004)


(Written and posted by Sentinel Reporter Jay Olson at 2:30 a.m. Saturday, August 21, 2004)


Shawnee Sentinel investigators have found five of the missing hands and feet prints that were made in concrete by visiting celebrities many years ago. These five precious articles we located are safe and in good condition; they are presently on display at Shawnee State University (SSU) about 70 feet southwest of the University President’s office. We wish to thank SSU Director of Facilities Butch Kottcamp for his gracious and knowledgeable assistance to us in our search. The items located were the imprints of the feet and hands of Mel Tillis, Lash Larue, Jock Mahoney, Will Hutchins and Pat Buttram.


At this writing it appears that the treasured imprints that were entrusted to the care of the university are well maintained and safe, while at least eleven other feet and hand imprints that once were displayed on the Esplanade by the City have been carried away, and have disappeared forever from public view. Among the missing items are imprints that were made by Roy Rogers, Dale Rogers and many associates of Roy.


We have received information that alleges that certain well-known local citizens who have no intent to return this property to the City of Portsmouth carried away the items missing from the Esplanade.


We are asking that anyone with any knowledge of the missing items please communicate with us; our interest is only that these irreplaceable items be returned to public view.

(Written and posted by Sentinel Reporter Jay Olson at 2:30 a.m. Saturday, August 21, 2004)





According to letter to the Shawnee Sentinel from Jay Olson – (posted Tuesday, August 17, 2004) (reposted Saturday, August 21, 2004.)


The robbing of our city, not only of tax dollars but also our past history is disgraceful!


The elite few have been stealing not only our tax dollars but over $300,000,000 in grant money poured into our poor local economy to try to improve it. But our past history is also being stolen by these few power brokers, which claim they only want the best for Portsmouth. That’s what they would and have made you believe for the last 50 years. What brought this to my attention and I’m bringing this question to you, the people to see if you really care about Portsmouth or it’s past.

Looking over an old Daily Times, dated Tuesday September 7,1982. Rogers And Friends Hold Touching Reunion. The point of my story is this, Roy Rogers, Scioto County’s favorite son, agreed to imprint his hands and feet in wet cement. This was to be permanently placed on the Esplanade. I, along with 10,000 people, watched Roy do this. Well if you remember this event, don’t you wonder where Roy’s PRINTS ARE NOW?


I decided to find out and asked several people that I thought might know, well, none knew for sure! But one person said they saw it imbedded in someone’s backyard patio with other famous people’s prints from this area. I don’t know about you but I believe this is out and out theft. This was given to the city and should be enjoyed by the citizens and placed on public display, perhaps in front of Roy’s mural on Front Street.


That’s the problem with this town, the greed of a few and an all out attitude for themselves, not you, the people that pay their way. At the writing of this, I can only hope the holder of this missing property and other things donated to the city will return the items and put them on display for all to enjoy, not just your guests. Please come forward and return these items to their rightful owners, THE PEOPLE OF SCIOTO COUNTY! By J. Olson (posted Tuesday, August 17, 2004)

County Board of Health – Dr. Keith Gaspich who has been living in Florida for past several years while drawing big pay from Scioto County as Health Director is rumored to be resigning soon - complaints about excessive expenses incurred by Gaspich are being investigated. (August, 2004)

The Doug Booth File

(This article prepared and posted by Austin Leedom at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 27, 2004.)



"Mr. Welton or Mr. Leedom,

I would like more information concerning Doug Booth, Valley Superintendent?

Community members are afraid their children will be compromised within the school if they ask these valid questions. I figured the Sentinel is not afraid to bring this information to light.

Any citizen can request, from the Valley B.O.E., Booth's cell phone records which prove his illicit personal relationship with Valley teacher Mitzi Myers, husband of Fred Myers, teacher at Portsmouth City. A district resident recently requested a copy of his own. Jerry Buckler also has a copy. All members of the B.O.E. know about this illicit relationship: Eric Humston shared these records with B.O.E. members during an executive session during the Fall of 2003. The current B.O.E. members have overlooked this information.

Here's additional information. The Valley B.O.E. will meet on Wednesday (tomorrow) at 7:30 pm:

Doug Booth regularly writes favorable letters of himself and/or Mitzi Myers, then strong-arms staff members into signing them. I personally know he's done that with Kindergarten teachers, Barb Flannery, Kristina Payne, and Jean Mauk. During last year's Board election, Doug Booth wrote editorials for the papers condemning Jerry Buckler, and then tried to strong-arm school employees to sign them. I personally know two of those employees who refused to sign.

Doug Booth had Darren Crabtree, AD, write a letter of non-renewal for Jeff Rase, girls' basketball coach. This letter had Crabtree's concerns about Rase which were shared with the Valley B.O.E. Mr. Rase was never given a copy of this letter, even though it's been asked for. Mr. Crabtree nor Mr. Yeagle has never discussed girls' basketball concerns with Mr. Rase. This is just more deception on the part of Doug Booth and how he's able to manipulate employees into letter writing in his best interest.

When Doug Booth hired Mitzi Myers in Summer of 2003, all his advisors were against her hiring, including Eric Humston, Asst. Superintendent, Keith Hickman, Elem. Principal, Jill Mullins, Guidance Counselor, and Edna McNamer, Title I Coordinator. Doug Booth stated "even though she may not be the best choice for this position, she deserves it solely on her loyalty to me personally."

Recently, Doug Booth hired Kay Freeman to coordinate all curriculum activities, EXCEPT those of Mitzi Myers, her program is OFF-LIMITS to Mrs. Freeman. Doug Booth made this very clear to Mrs. Freeman. Scott Rolfe, VMS teacher was also internally interviewed, AFTER Booth already had Freeman's nomination from the County Office.

Doug Booth threatens certain staff members if they attend board meetings, but allows his girlfriend, Mitzi Myers, to attend with a video camera in hand. I'm sure she'll be there on Wednesday with her video camera.

Doug Booth recently forced Edna McNamer, Title I coordinator, to write a favorable opinion of Mitzi Myers (against her will). This paper is included in the board packet this Wednesday.

Doug Booth now wants to give Mitzi Myers extended service time (more extra money). Doug Booth is trying to pay Mitzi Myers over $2,200 to complete unfinished work. No other employees in the district get paid to complete unfinished work. Mike Bennett, school treasurer, says that this is against the law. This money was appropriated last summer for intervention for K-4 students. None of her $2,200 time was spent with a single student. Jerry Buckler, BOE member, is supposed to question Booth about this at Wednesday's meeting. The public needs to know just how much extra money Mitzi Myers is making this summer. What a waste of district funds!

Doug Booth's wife, Suzy, found a women's watch (not her's) in his suburban while they were on vacation in the Carolinas. The watch turned out to be Mitzi Myers. Booth was caught by the wife. She has now given him the ultimatum to leave the Myers lady, or she'll divorce.

Doug Booth has included a letter is this week's board packet from Jim Nordrum, basketball parent, commending Booth on his administrative ability. Mr. Nordrum spear-headed the attempt to get basketball coach, Scott Lowe fired. Mr. Lowe was non-renewed last month. Now, this month the board packet contains a favorable Booth letter from Jim Nordrum. Sound like a deal to me! Scott and Lori Lowe probably have some other great information, 776-4403.

A custodian at Valley Elementary School caught Doug Booth and Mitzi Myers together in a staff bathroom during the winter. This occurred during the night shift, 10 p - 6 a.

A current principal may be in possession of a school videotape of a Doug Booth/Mitzi Myers midnight meeting. This videotape includes lots of hugging and kissing. Doug Booth knows about this videotape. Booth's lawyer, Alan Lemon, has even discussed this videotape with Jerry Buckler, asking him not to reveal the information."


The above is the complete text body of the email we received from a Valley teacher on June 29, 2004. The teacher is not anonymous; we know who wrote this extremely informative message.

Two of our reporters were able to cover the four hour meeting of the Valley Board of Education on Wednesday, the 21st of July and produced a good descriptive record of the meeting. Anna L. Mallory of the Portsmouth Daily Times (PDT) published a very good article of the meeting on July 23, 2004.

Earlier this month Doug Deepe (aka John Welton) published several copies of emails written from a teacher to Superintendent Doug Booth. We do not usually attempt to tell readers what to believe; we simply publish copies of documents and let the readers make their own decisions. We will do that with the DOUG BOOTH FILE. We have been the recipients of many more messages and will print them as time and space permits. YOU be the Judges.

(This article prepared and posted by Austin Leedom at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 27, 2004.)

The Doug Booth File


Thursday, July 22, 2004 by Austin Leedom - posted at 4:30 a.m.

At 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 21, 2004 the Valley School Board met before a concerned crowd of more than 140 persons in a session that lasted over four hours.

The meeting began with no prayer and no Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.   (WHY IS GOD AND PATRIOTISM BEING IGNORED AT VALLEY BOARD MEETINGS?)

The Roll was called; the minutes of the regular meeting of June 30, and the special meetings of July 8 and 16, 2004 were not read. Board Member Jerry Buckler requested to know why inquiries for information he had made at one of the meetings did not appear in the minutes of the meeting.

Payment of bills were then approved; Jerry Buckler had a question concerning a payment for legal services to a Columbus law firm.

The Board then entered into executive session to consider two subjects; the first subject to be discussed was pending litigation; apparently this session was concerning Superintendent Doug Booth. He was not included in the group of board members who left the meeting room for an executive session, accompanied by Attorneys Rebecca Bennett and Alan Lemons from the Scioto County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and Valley Board Treasurer Michael Bennett.

However, before leaving the meeting room to go into executive session the board members did agree to later include Mr. Booth in the executive session to discuss the second subject of the session, which was employment appointments, and compensation.

The School Board, the Treasurer and Superintendent Doug Booth, plus the two attorneys from the County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office re-appeared at 9:45 p.m. to resume the regular meeting.

Ten items concerning acceptance of resignations and awarding of contracts were passed. Item Number 8 which concerned the appointment of Linda Myers as a Diagnostic Testing Teaching Leader was passed after a motion to table the contract with Ms. Myers until more information could be obtained by board members was rejected by a 3-2 vote.

Jerry Buckler and Joe Romanello voted to wait until a later meeting to consider the appointment of Linda Myers. Charles Wilson, Carl Crabtree and Don Crabtree voted against postponing a vote.

Then a motion to award this position to Ms. Myers was passed by the same 3-2 vote with Don and Carl Crabtree and Charles Wilson voting for it, Joe Romanello and Jerry Buckler against the proposal.

NOTE: The lady who was awarded this contract is believed to be the writer of the numerous emails written to Superintendent Doug Booth that were posted on the website earlier this month prior to the two special meetings held by the Valley School Board on July 8, and July 16, 2004.

Sentinel reporters had a question about the presence of Rebecca Bennett in the executive session.  Sentinel Reporter Harold Daub, after talking with Mrs. Bennett, said that she was there at the meeting as a representative of the Scioto County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

However, today, in a 3:40 p.m. telephone conversation with Helen, of the County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, we were advised that Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Alan Lemons is assigned to cover the county school board meetings.

We were later told by a person attending the meeting that Rebecca Bennett is married to Michael W. Bennett, the Treasurer of the Valley School Board and that Mrs. Bennett regularly attends the executive session meetings. Does the Treasurer have his own personal attorney in attendance with him at school board executive sessions?

We also received information that Superintendent Doug Booth has allegedly hired Alan Lemons as his own personal attorney. We will attempt to ascertain if this allegation is accurate.

After the close of the board’s business session the people in attendance were allowed to speak. There were many speakers; some had high praise for Mr. Booth and his accomplishments during his many years (44) in the Valley School system. Many others expressed concern about the recent loss of good teachers, others were displeased  that parents who were concerned with problems at the school had been told to "take their children out of the district."

Many speakers requested that Mr. Booth resign. This became a refrain with the speakers who often closed by asking Mr. Booth to resign. After many such requests Mr. Booth became exasperated, half rose from his seat and shouted, "I will not resign."

The emails that were published on the website earlier this month were mentioned by more than the one speaker who complained that children were able to read these emails and lamented that such emails would be written by a member of the Valley faculty.

Note: the emails that were published by Doug Deepe were allegedly written from a teacher to Superintendent Booth from a computer in a Valley School building during school hours. One lady quoted from one the emails that the email writer had mentioned a desire "for a personal relationship" with Mr. Booth.

Sherri Foster, RN, offered copies of the notorious Valley emails to the Board members and then asked for copies of all emails that have been received or written on Superintendent Doug Booth’s computer for the past year. She also asked for records of telephone calls. The board sought an opinion from Assistant County Prosecuting Attorney Alan Lemons who advised that the board provide the requested documents and deliver them to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office where a decision as to whether they were public information would be made.

Another speaker, a teacher who is leaving the district stated that Mr. Booth had never made any sexual advances to her.

There was much applause and shouting after many of the talks. This meeting became loud at times; much anger was displayed but everyone behaved well; no such smutty words as were written in the Valley Emails were heard during the meeting. This was an angry crowd, but well behaved, although very noisy at times.

More than one person spoke of removing the older board members during the next election.

After the meeting as Reporter Harold Daub and I were leaving the room we were stopped by four persons who asked us about recall elections. These persons indicated that they do not want to wait until the next regular election to make changes in the personnel sitting on the board.

Also, after the meeting we were asked by a Valley faculty member how we were able to obtain copies of the Valley emails. I explained that I did not know how we obtained them and that it didn’t matter; we are allowed to use anything we obtain as long as we do not steal it.

I further explained that John Welton, aka Doug Deepe had been the recipient of the Valley emails.  (John is on vacation, somewhere on the Carolina Coast)

Note: Both John Welton, aka Doug Deepe, and I have received many communications by phone, email and regular mail over the past several months from faculty members and parents of students of Valley Schools; we have been aware of difficulties at Valley School for more than a year, but simply did not have time to follow up on the information as our entire little staff was extremely busy encouraging the recall of Portsmouth ex-Mayor Greg Bauer and investigating the illicit activities of the SOGP and other associates of Greg Bauer.

You missed a big meeting; keep your eyes on the Valley School District, there may be more special meetings coming up soon. (Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 4:30 a.m. Thursday, July 22, 2004.)  ---Next Story ....Moonlight, hugs and kisses---on video?

(Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 12:30 a.m. Monday, July 26, 2004.)


The regular City Council meeting will be held this evening at City Hall. Listening to WPAY Radio AM 1400 may be your best opportunity to hear the meeting.

There is limited seating at the meeting, which has been being held in a small courtroom that has not been large enough to hold all the citizens who wish to attend the meetings. Don’t expect that situation to be any better until we are blessed with a change in the Presidency of City Council.


Portsmouth City Council President Carol Caudill said she did not want a different place to hold the City Council Meetings, according to Mayor Jim Kalb who told the Sentinel yesterday that Caudill has refused his offer to provide a meeting site that would accommodate all citizens who desire to attend council meetings.

The gavel banging Caudill demonstrates contempt for the citizens of Portsmouth (who she has sworn to serve) by continued irrational actions since she attained her present position that she apparently equates as being on the same level of power as the Supreme Being.

Mrs. Caudill, present Third Ward Councilperson, has been made President of Council since the promotion of Jim Kalb to the position of Mayor. At her first meeting as president, it was reported, she tyranically, repeatedly banged the gavel harshly upon the table and dictated a new set of behaviour rules for the few citizens that are able to get into the present council meeting space.


As befitting her officious, brazen actions in presenting her new behaviour rules (commandments which would be harsh even under the code of conduct of many prisons) she is also denying citizens their rights under Ohio Law by failing to provide an area where all citizens have the opportunity to attend the public council meetings.

Carol Caudill’s haughtiness is most egotistical, particularly in that she only holds the position as Council President due to a default by the former mayor, Greg Bauer, who was recently removed from office by an angered citizenry who had suffered too long because of Mr. Bauer’s corruption, deception and arrogance.


Investigative Reporter Doug Deepe, aka John Welton, has already openly warned that further violations of citizens’ rights at council meetings will lead to legal action. Carol Caudill can expect to be answering questions under oath in interrogatories, in depositions, and on the witness stand in the courtroom if she persists in her present arrogant, immature, repulsive course of conduct as council president.


Note: Carol Caudill, (and others) are now under investigation in the purchase of the $762,000 old Marting Department Store for $2,000,000 in May of 2002, and petitions have already been filed for her removal from City Council.

(Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 12:30 a.m. Monday, July 26, 2004

City council meeting Monday, June 28, 2004 at Portsmouth City Hall.


Many WPAY listeners have reported to us  that they enjoyed the broadcast and are looking forward to hearing the next council meeting on 1400 AM

(Written by Austin Leedom, Shawnee Sentinel Writer, at 11:55 p.m. Monday, June 28, 2004)


A crowd of more than sixty people attended the City Council meeting tonight, but only forty-nine persons were allowed into the meeting room. Only one item was on the agenda, a proposal to halt all further spending on the old Marting department store that was purchased for $2 Million by Mayor Greg Bauer and an allegedly un-informed council in May 2002 as an emergency action. The true appraisal of the building was only $762,000.



At the beginning of the meeting citizens spoke against continuing to allow Tanner-Stone to proceed further with their expensive planning efforts until criminal investigation is completed.

Work on architectural planning for the old building has been continuing by Tanner-Stone company during the recent recall election of the Mayor. Costs for the planning has already been in excess of $350,000.



An ordinance to halt this expenditure until the criminal investigation in the purchase was finished was defeated by a 3-3 vote five weeks ago when Council Members Howard Baughman, Carol Caudill and Ann Sydnor voted against stoppage of the work by Tanner-Stone.


Following a motion by 2nd Ward Councilman David Malone and lengthy discussion of the ordinance the Council voted 6-0 to suspend any more spending on renovation of the old Marting Department store until the investigations are completed.

The attitude of the councilpersons who voted against this ordinance five weeks ago appeared to be more thoughtful and reasonable than it was before the recall election that voted Greg Bauer out of office six days ago, on June, 22, 2004.



After the legislative session of the meeting was completed many citizens spoke on items not on the agenda.

The remaining old members of the council were warned by the recall workers that they were not finished with their work and that the members of the council that had voted with Mayor Bauer for the over-priced ‘emergency’ purchase of the Marting building were also in danger of facing recall.


Several persons spoke about the efforts of The Portsmouth Daily Times, The Community Common and WNXT radio to maintain the corrupt Mayor in office; these three news outlets were charged with deliberately publishing mis-leading and false information during the recall election.

The Shawnee Sentinel newspaper (a group which includes websites, and Danny’s Forum) was praised by many citizens for honest reporting of the facts concerning the reasons for the recall.


The next meeting of the Portsmouth City Council is to be held on Monday, July 12, 2004. When that meeting convenes Jim Kalb is to be Mayor of Portsmouth. Carol Caudill will be the acting-President of City Council. She has been on the council several years and reportedly has experience as once being the Secretary of the Scioto County Republican Central Committee. According to a member of the Republican Party, Ms. Caudill has at times performed as acting-Chair of the Republican Party. She should perform the duties as Council President quite capably.


Tonight was the last opportunity for Greg Bauer to attend a council meeting as Mayor, but he was not present.

Reporters noted that Mr. Bauer’s bright red Corvette is missing from the rear of his apartment home at 308 ½ Chillicothe Street. The Corvette had not moved for several weeks; it has been seen parked at the rear of his home with expired license plates. Reports from inside City Hall indicate that Mayor Bauer has moved several truckloads of material from his office, and numerous huge bags of shredded documents. Some Bauer-watchers indicated to the Sentinel reporters that Greg Bauer is not expected to return to City Hall. There are rumors that he may quickly leave the Portsmouth area.



With the possibility of prison doors swinging open to admit several of the participants in the Martings fraud, it is expected that some of the suspects will be attempting to make a deal with the investigators and prosecutors. It has been rumored that already an offer has been made to avoid prosecution by wealthy conspirators who have offered to repay the City of Portsmouth 1.5 Million Dollars and let the City keep the Martings Building, in exchange for their criminal testimony against Greg Bauer.

This is only a rumor, but a reasonable rumor. Time will tell.

(Written by Austin Leedom, Shawnee Sentinel Writer, at 11:55 p.m. Monday, June 28, 2004)



Citizens have had enough! Mayor Greg Bauer is a "done deal."

Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 23, 2004.

A tremendous out-pouring of money by Greg Bauer’s "friends"and a deluge of false news, biased editorial comment and vicious ads published by the local newspapers and broadcast by a local second-rate radio station (WNXT) failed to halt a recall effort by the angered citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio.

Not even the action of the Scioto County Republican Central Committee to support the corrupt Mayor with advertisements could halt the recall by the furious citizens.


"It’s a done deal; I don’t have to explain anything to any citizen," said Mayor Bauer, on May 19, 2003, when the Mayor was asked by Shawnee Sentinel reporters about an expensive computer purchased on a city account by City Service Director Mike Blackburn for his personal use.


The Sentinel reporters, suspicious and disturbed by the Mayor’s arrogant refusal to talk with them, began an investigation and reported their findings to the citizens on their popular local websites.


When the citizens learned the truth about the Mayor, his corrupt practices and the "downtown gang" that was siphoning off millions of dollars from the city coffers, they petitioned for recall of the Mayor.


Citizens became extremely concerned by the illegal purchase of the old Martings department store for $2 million dollars when the building was only appraised for one-third of that price, many un-bid overpriced contracts by the Mayor to his friends, theft of city property by the Mayor’s appointees, and an arrogant disregard of the citizens’ concerns by the Mayor and some of the members of the City Council.

Courageous City Council President calls for Investigation by Police

Council President Jim Kalb also became concerned about the legality of the purchase of the Martings Building and boldly asked Chief of Police Charles Horner to investigate. Chief Horner asked for assistance from the Ohio State Attorney General’s Office after he announced to the City Council in February, 2004 that his preliminary investigation revealed that he saw the illegal purchase of the building as a possible criminal act by Mayor Bauer and members of the "downtown gang."

Rising taxes, crooked deals and high water bills aggravate citizens.

The citizens were angered by rising taxes on their real estate while a "favored few"of the Mayor’s friends paid no taxes, by water bills that Mayor Bauer had increased by 64%, by crooked unbid over-priced contracts with a notorious local insurance agent, by the illegal purchase of $600,000 in new garbage trucks and garbage cans, and by other criminal acts.

Citizens decided Bauer had to go.

The citizens refused to support Mayor Greg Bauer any longer. A committee of citizens began the recall effort that Lee Scott had long advocated. Mr. Scott, a local man who is renovating, at his own cost, the old Columbia Theatre, had been repeatedly mis-treated by the Mayor and his unfair inspectors. Scott’s property at his work-site had been stolen and destroyed by a member of the Mayor’s family. His work had been repeatedly and wrongfully stopped by unfair practices of the Mayor’s Office.

Local newspapers fight Recall – Corruption favored.

When the recall of the Mayor got under way both of the local newspapers, the Community Common and the Portsmouth Daily Times were in favor of keeping the crooked mayor in power. The Daily Times wrote in favor of retaining the Mayor and repeatedly editorialized against the recall.

Inside business connections between publishers and "downtown gang" revealed by Doug Deepe.

Information furnished to the citizens by the Shawnee Sentinel and revealed a connection with the local gang in power and the Daily Times, and also with the Community Common newspaper.

Angered Citizens from all walks of life were together in this Recall.

Credit for this end to mayoral corruption is to be given to an angry awakened citizenry who simply could no longer afford to have Mayor Greg Bauer and his associates in charge of the city treasury. The recall was a concerted effort by citizens from all levels of affluence, by all races, by all voting ages, and by members of all churches. They had had enough. The citizens exercised their constitutional right to recall the mayor by petitioning for a vote of the people.

Reporter Doug Deepe did continuous investigation into City Hall affairs.

Credit for the beginning and continuing investigation into this scandalous administration is due greatly to the efforts of Website Reporter Doug Deepe, aka John Welton and his associate writers who helped make the public aware of the devilish conditions at City Hall.

The opinion of this writer and many other observers and participants of this successful democratic effort to remove the corruption in City Hall is that the real turning point in this battle for honest government occurred when newly elected Fourth Ward Councilman David Malone began beseeching Our Heavenly Father to remove corruption from our city in February 2004 while giving opening prayers at council meetings.

Councilman Malone’s prayers were stopped inside City Hall by Councilwoman Carol Caudill who objected to his invocations to God at the beginning of City Council meetings.

The Spirit of God could be felt by many in attendance at the meetings, and as David Malone continued to pray; good events began to occur.

Verbal prayers in open council meetings were stopped, but Mr. Malone continued praying for the intercession of the Lord in the prayer meetings he held on the steps of the City Hall and elsewhere throughout the City. Many of us believe that the Lord is answering the continuing prayers offered up by Pastor David Malone and by the many citizens who have prayed with him for deliverance of the City from the powers of evil.

Let us all give thanks to the many, many citizens who labored so long and diligently for the success of this victory for the City of Portsmouth. Most of all let us offer up our thanks to our Lord in Heaven who gave these people the power to win this battle.

Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 23, 2004.



In My Opinion

Letter to the Citizens of Portsmouth

This letter is about Mayor Bauer’s concern over the cost of the recall election. Maybe he needs to remember some of these things as I do:

If you are so worried about the cost of a recall election, then what about:

  1. Mike Blackburn spending $32,000 on a truck just to ride around in.
  1. What about the computer that Mike Blackburn purchased under the city’s tax exempt number for his own personal use? How much would that have cost the city if he hadn’t been exposed?
  1. What about the big dozer and big excavator at the cost of $8,000 each that was only used one time each and then let a construction company use if for their own personal use until the dozer blew up and then traded the equipment off at a loss to the taxpayers. Then it cost the taxpayers more money to repairs to the equipment that was traded for.
  1. Using city workers to do work on private property. When they refuse, then you give them time off work without pay. How much labor hours are you charging the taxpayers for work being done for private parties in the City? I myself was a victim of your using City employees. When I was a City employee, you directed me work for Bob Huff when he first moved into the City of Portsmouth.
  1. After all the favors that I had done, you decided that I would be your next victim. You charged me unfoundedly for sexual harassment and threatening employees. All this was proven false. Then you demoted me from a supervisor position to scraping dead dogs off the road, cleaning up bird poop off Chillicothe St., and various other demeaning jobs that you could think of at your leisure. This unfounded investigation had to cost the taxpayers money for the attorney fees and the private investigation that was conducted.

Then when I had health problems, you put me off without pay and refused to make concessions for me with my restrictions (which you have for other employees even now). A City employee of over 33 years of service was forced to retire for all the harassment you helped cause. I was not honored for my service. I was not given any plaque for all these years of good service. The only department that gave me a party was the sewage department, because the department I came from was ran by Mike Blackburn and I refused to do their deeds.

I was even threatened by Cliff Wolfe one day when I was still an employee, while trying to obtain my retirement papers, that I would be arrested if I did not leave the premises (which is a public service department). I was put on 12 weeks unpaid leave for not being able to work because of my health (which was backed by three different doctors’ orders—one being the City’s doctor), yet you give Mike Blackburn paid administrative leave, and then a disability PERS retirement because of his stress from the investigation concerning five possible felonies.

Can you justify these things? Apples for Apples? As you say? This was a done deal. In my opinion, you have shown more respect for those that ignore the law than for those that try to uphold the law. Yes, I feel you need recalled!!!!

Howard Boehm

Not a felon, Just a disgruntled former employee!  (POSTED BY AUSTIN LEEDOM AT 12:30 A.M. FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1004)


Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 18, 2004.


Dear Rick Greene: You have studied journalism and ethics. Have you forgotten your lessons? Have you lost your handbook? Have you totally succumbed to the temptations, power and wiles of the local "gang in power?" Whatever the answer may be, you are likely now in the beginning stages of long interrogatories, lengthy depositions and many court appearances as a defendant. However, don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of company and your publisher Heartland Publications, LLC of Jacksonville, Florida will be paying your legal fees. Let us take a look at what has transpired with your recent labors as an editor.  The libelous ad by Sean Sturgill (of Smith's Drugs) that you ran in today's issue may be one of your last major errors with the Portsmouth Daily Times.

Citizens of Portsmouth, here is the situation:

Portsmouth Daily Times Publisher Clifton E. Forrest may not be allowed to retain Mr. Greene as an employee following Greene’s latest deliberate error which may cost some serious dollars to Heartland Publications, LLC, of Jacksonville, Florida, and many local conspirators, including the Citizens Against the Recall Committee.

It is understood that the financial interests of the Portsmouth Daily Times (PDT) necessitates their support of the present un-indicted felonious Mayor (Greg Bauer) of this City. It is documented that the PDT has been an active member of the Southern Ohio Growth Program since its conception in 1991. It is also well known that the PDT is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Membership in these nefarious groups is unethical, but necessary for the survival of the PDT.

This is understandable; if the question for PDT is a choice between operating in an ethical manner or taking money and knowingly printing prevarications and falsehoods as honest information, traditionally there has been little hesitation by any of the publishers or editors of the PDT to choose the low road and take the money.

Editor Rick Greene confided (on Monday evening, June 14, 2004) to Shawnee Sentinel writer John Welton (aka that he had serious concerns about an ad, concerning John Welton that was in his possession and was due to be published in the Portsmouth Daily Times by the Citizens Against the Recall Committee. This conversation took place in the hallway outside of the City Council meeting room following the closing of the brief council meeting that was aborted by the failure of sufficient council members to attend.

Today, Thursday, June 17, 2004 Rick Greene, Editor of PDT, caused and permitted to be published on Page A7 of the Portsmouth Daily Times an advertisement "Paid for by Citzens Against the Recall Committee, Sean Sturgill, 743 Second Street, Portsmouth, OH 45662," that he knew to be, or should have known, to contain information that is false, libelous, misleading and damaging to John Welton, and his family.

Mr. Welton is, at this writing, enroute to Cincinnati to seek expert legal counsel. Action against the persons, and groups who have conspired to wrongfully, and deliberately damage John Welton is expected.

Mr. Greene refused to print the news that John Welton's wife was brutally assaulted by Dean Conklin, a member of City Prosecutor Mark Kuhn's staff, on Friday February 27, 2004.

Police investigative reports verifying this attack were available, but Rick Greene refused to allow this news to be printed. 

Now the editor allows (for pay) lies to be printed about John Welton. This is an example of the 'ethical' operation of Rick Greene's editorship.

Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 17, 2004.



Story below copied from THE NEW YORK TIMES Saturday, May 08, 2004

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Fox Butterfield




Physical and sexual abuse of prisoners, similar to what has been uncovered in Iraq, takes place in American prisons with little public knowledge or concern, according to corrections officials, inmates and humanrights advocates.

In Pennsylvania and some other states, inmates routinely are stripped in front of other inmates before being moved to a new prison or a new unit within their prison. In Arizona, male inmates at the Maricopa County jail in Phoenix are made to wear women’s pink underwear as a form of humiliation.

At Virginia’s Wallens Ridge super-maximum-security prison, newly arriving inmates have reported being forced to wear black hoods, in theory to keep them from spitting on guards, and say they were often beaten and cursed at by guards and made to crawl on their knees.

The corrections experts say some of the worst abuses have occurred in Texas, whose prisons were under a federal consent decree during much of the time President Bush was governor because of violence by guards against inmates and overcrowding. A federal district judge, William Wayne Justice, imposed the decree after finding that guards were allowing inmate gang leaders to buy and sell other inmates as sex slaves.

The experts also point out that the man who directed the reopening of the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq last year and trained the guards there resigned under pressure as director of the Utah Department of Corrections in 1997 after a mentally ill inmate died while shackled to a restraining chair for 16 hours. The inmate, who suffered from schizophrenia, was kept naked.

The Utah official, Lane McCotter, later became an executive of a private prison company. One of its jails was under investigation by the Justice Department when he was sent to Iraq as part of a team picked by Attorney General John Ashcroft to rebuild the country’s criminal-justice system.

McCotter, 63, is director of business development for Management & Training Corp., a Utah-based company that says it is the third largest private prison company, operating 13 prisons. Last spring, the company’s operation of the Santa Fe jail was criticized by the Justice Department and the New Mexico Department of Corrections for unsafe conditions and lack of medical care for inmates. No further action was taken.

In Texas, in a case that began in 2000, a prisoner at the Allred Unit in Wichita Falls was repeatedly raped by other inmates, even after he appealed to guards for help, and was allowed by prison staff to be treated like a slave, being bought and sold by various prison gangs in different parts of the prison. The inmate, Roderick Johnson, has filed suit against the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the case is now before the 5 th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, said Kara Gotsch, public policy coordinator for the National Prison Project of the American Civil Liberties Union, which is representing Johnson.

In a 1999 opinion, Justice wrote of the situation in Texas, "Many inmates credibly testified to the existence of violence, rape and extortion in the prison system and about their own suffering from such abysmal conditions."

Asked what Bush knew about abuse in Texas prisons while he was governor, Trent Duffy, a White House spokesman, said the problems in American prisons were not comparable to the abuses at Abu Ghraib.

Nationwide, during the last 25 years, more than 40 state prison systems were under some form of court order, for brutality, overcrowding, poor food or lack of medical care, said Marc Mauer, assistant director of the Sentencing Project, a research and advocacy group in Washington that calls for alternatives to incarceration.

The corrections experts are careful to say they do not know to what extent the brutality and humiliation at Abu Ghraib were an intentional strategy to break the prisoners for interrogation or were just random acts.

But Chase Riveland, a prison consultant based near Seattle, said: "In some jurisdictions in the United States, there is a prison culture that tolerates violence and it’s been there a long time."

Copied from NEW YORK TIMES on May 08, 2004 by Austin Leedom of the Shawnee Sentinel

City Council continues to follow the wrong leader.
Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 2:20 a.m. Tuesday, April 27, 2004
We were told at city council meeting tonight there would be no verbal prayer in council meetings from now on because of a complaint by Councilwoman Carol Caudill, aka as "Sassy Lassy" in the personal ads on

At the beginning of the 6:00 o'clock meeting tonight (April 26, 2004) it was announced by Council President Jim Kalb that the meeting would be started with a silent prayer instead of the usual verbal prayer.

For many years Solicitor David Kuhn has led off the meetings with a verbal prayer. The prayers were very nice. Mr. Kuhn has an excellent speaking voice and his prayers were brief.

In January, 2004 a new councilman, David Malone, became a member of the city council. Councilman Malone has, for the last couple of months, performed the opening prayer.

Mr. Malone's prayers were a bit longer, his words rang with humble sincerity, and his voice was touched with a holy spirit as he prayed for forgiveness and invoked the Lord to watch over, protect, and guide the Council with wisdom, honesty and courage. His prayers filled many listeners with gratitude, comfort, hope, and a true desire to "walk the high road" and do those things that would be fitting in the sight of the Lord.

Listeners not only heard his words of prayer but they also felt the spirit of the Almighty  as Councilman Malone offered the prayers.  As one citizen observed, "David Malone brought God to the City Council meeting."

No doubt the Lord has been trying for many years to get into a city council meeting. Finally, he found a way to get a few minutes recognition in council meetings.

But the Devil was not happy.

The angels of the devil could not bear such success by an apostle of Christ Jesus and they moved upon their servant to halt the spirit of holiness that was being delivered in the council chambers by the man of God.

It is not known why Carol Caudill objected to the prayers of David Malone. Mr. Malone is a devout life-long Christian, a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ: he is well respected by every good person, and more importantly, he is respected by his Master. He does not need to tell anyone he is a Christian; he lives the life.

Carol Caudill is not known as such a person. She was a big player in the Martings purchase scandal. She voted to pay almost two million dollars for the purchase of a $762,000 building from Clay Johnson (aka the Martings Foundation) and was present when the "deal" was signed. She signed as a witness to the "deal," along with Neal Hatcher, local big-time real estate owner and developer.

We do not know why Carol Caudill doesn't like the prayers of Councilman David Malone. Perhaps he speaks a Christian language she finds strange.

Perhaps, she just doesn't like David Malone, an African-American, because of the color of his skin.

May God have mercy on her soul.

(Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 2:20 a.m. Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification Agent Finds reason to ask for audit in the purchase of the Marting’s Building.

(Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 2:20 a.m. Tuesday, April 27, 2004)

After the close of the regular meeting of the Portsmouth City Council last night (Monday, April 26, 2004) Council President Jim Kalb shared a letter he had received to day from County Prosecuting Attorney Lynn Alan Grimshaw.

The letter is as follows:

"April 26, 2004

James Kalb, President

Portsmouth City Council

Municipal Building

Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

Re: Audit

Dear Councilman Kalb:

I have been contacted by Jim Perry, an investigator with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification. Mr. Perry has been assigned to look into the City of Portsmouth’s purchase of the Marting’s building.

At a meeting with Mr. Perry, he indicated his belief that assistance from the Ohio State Auditor’s office would be beneficial to his investigation. He has already contacted the Auditor’s office and has been told that its employees are willing to assist, if asked. The request for assistance however, must come from the City of Portsmouth.

Mr. Perry has asked that I contact Portsmouth City Council to see if it would authorize the Ohio State Auditor's assistance.  I ask, for Mr. Perry, that this matter be brought to the attention of the Council at its next meeting.

Thank you for your consideration to his matter.

Sincerely yours,

Lynn Alan Grimshaw

Prosecuting Attorney

Scioto County, Ohio"

Following the sharing of the letter from County  Prosecuting Attorney Lynn Alan Grimshaw with councilmembers and citizens there was a brief discussion.  Mayor Greg Bauer did not favor an investigation by the Auditor. The council took no action and quickly adjourned.

Portsmouth Police Chief Charles Horner began investigation into the 2002 purchase of the Marting’s Building in February, 2004 after City Council asked that he make an official inquiry into the the questionable "deal."

At that time Chief Horner advised that he would make an investigation and would seek the assistance of state offices.

Evidence uncovered to date indicates a fraud of monstrous size was perpetrated upon the citizens of Portsmouth.

(Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 2:20 a.m. Tuesday, April 27, 2004)

Corruption - Tampering with Evidence Big News this Year.
Dr. John Adams' Attorney May Be In Trouble in Scioto County Capital Murder Case.-
In February, 2004 the Shawnee Sentinel  reported on attorney indicted for  tampering with evidence in Clinton County death.

Now --- Athens County deputy sheriff guilty of evidence tampering.      

latest news on evidence tampering by officials

""Published: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 - NEWS 04B By Jim Phillips


ATHENS, Ohio -- An Athens County deputy sheriff pleaded guilty yesterday to evidence tampering, admitting he offered an altered doctor's note as evidence in a criminal case.

Sgt. Jay Barrett, 38, faced charges of evidence tampering and perjury. Special prosecutor Rocky Coss of Highland County agreed to drop the second charge yesterday in exchange for the plea in Athens County Common Pleas Court. Visiting Judge Jeffrey L. Simmons of Vinton County ordered a pre-sentence investigation. Coss recommended Barrett serve 18 months of community-control probation if Barrett agrees to surrender his peace-officer certification and quit the sheriff's office.

Coss said Barrett altered a note from his doctor to indicate an office visit took place a month later than it did. He said the note apparently was meant to bolster an assault case against an Albany man who struggled with Barrett and other deputies when they arrested him in September 2002. The date on the note was changed to make it look as if Barrett had been treated for injuries after the arrest took place, though the doctor's visit occurred before the arrest. The prosecutor said he thinks Barrett knew deputies had entered the suspect's residence without knowing whether there was a warrant for his arrest. "I think he was just trying to cover their butts for a questionable entry,'' the prosecutor said. Barrett told the judge, "It was not my specific intent to violate the law.'' He said his father altered the note, and that he thought his father had done so with the doctor's permission.

Coss said he doubts Barrett's claim that his father changed the note. He said had Barrett not pleaded guilty, he was prepared to seek further charges against him in connection with a workers' compensation claim stemming from a January 2003 arrest, as well as alleged false statements the officer made earlier in his own case."

Above article created by James B. Phillips and published on Monday, April 20, 2004 by the Columbus Dispatch.

article above copied from Columbus Dispatch on Wednesday, April 21, 2004 by Austin Leedom

Article below written and posted at 1:45 a.m. Friday, February 27, 2004 by Austin Leedom

Shawnee Sentinel research has compared a recent Clinton County case with the present case in Scioto County. Attorney Eric Wrage's alleged violations may be more serious than the offenses in Clinton County for which the lady lawyer was indicted.

Also from the archives of the Columbus Dispatch, NEWS 06C, Saturday, March 15, 2003:

"Wilmington, Ohio - - A Clinton County grand jury has indicted a Columbus lawyer on charges of tampering with evidence and obstructing justice.

The indictments returned Thursday accuse Diane M. Menashe of telling a client to destroy a statement he made concerning a police shooting." --------------


In July 2003 Dr. John Adams of Barboursville, WV allegedly shot Portsmouth City Economic Development Manager Bobby Burns to death at Burns home on Mound Street. It is further alleged that Dr. Adams then kidnapped two ladies near Wayne Hills and forced them to drive him to Kentucky where he was captured and jailed by Kentucky police. Dr. Adams was extradited from Kentucky on July 14, 2003 and indicted the following day on charges of capital murder (death sentence possible), kidnapping and using a firearm in the commission of a crime. His trial has been scheduled for July 2004. Dr. Adams is represented by defence attorneys James Banks of Dublin and Eric Wrage of Bull Run Rd, Minford.A story by Investigative Reporter Doug Deepe on the website revealed that while Dr. Adams was being held in the Greenup Jail his defence attorney Eric Wrage came to the jail. He brought clothing to Dr. Adams and took away the clothing that Dr. Adams was wearing at the time of his arrest.

Faulty over-priced garbage trucks and garbage carts bought from Andy Glockner in a suspicious secret, unbid deal.  Mayor Bauer and Andy Glockner together, again. (Reposted February 14, 2004 by Austin Leedom)


Published: Tuesday, February 17, 2004



CHILLICOTHE, Ohio -- A Scioto Township trustee could face four years in prison if convicted of using public employees to chop wood and complete home-improvement projects.

Russell Walkup instructed township employees to cut and split wood for his home, build a culvert in his driveway, do electrical work in his garage and install a water heater, said Ross County Prosecutor Scott Nusbaum.

Walkup is scheduled to appear in Ross County Common Pleas Court on March 1 on four charges of theft in office. On the advice of his attorney, Walkup declined to comment.

"He was using personnel for his personal use,'' said Ross County Sheriff Ron Nichols.

The investigation is continuing, Nichols said.

Meanwhile, two trustees, acting without Walkup, placed the cemetery superintendent on paid leave in November. The letter sent to Lewis Felts alluded to an investigation but did not specify any allegations.

At the time, Felts said he had heard rumors that he was accused of working too much overtime, buying a stolen generator or paying cemetery employees to can beans for him while on the job.

Felts remains on paid leave, trustee Tom Straub said. "We just think it's the fairest thing to do.''

Straub said he could not comment on Walkup's case.

posted 8:15 a.m., Monday, July 28, 2003)


Were employees forced to forge doctor’s signatures of MRDD paperwork?

Workers continue to expose Superintendent John Oakley

By Doug Deepe, Investigative Reporter

(Posted 8:15 a.m., Monday, July 28, 2003)

Reports are beginning to flow out from behind the locked doors and barbed wired fences at MRDD leading us to revelation of possible criminal activity by employees at MRDD, activity ordered by the upper staff management of Superintendent John Oakley.

One new revelation concerns employees being forced to forge signatures of local doctors in order to get funding for services at MRDD through either Medicaid or Medicare. If these new allegations are true (and it shouldn’t be hard to prove or disprove) the individuals responsible for this action could be held criminally liable.

State or federal investigators should be able to pull out all the applications for services involving Medicare or Medicare and compare signatures on the applications with signatures of local doctors. These allegations have come from numerous sources within MRDD. The Sentinel discussed this new allegation with current and former MRDD employees and confirmed that forgery had been committed on various paperwork for services offered to consumers.

Another problem with improprieties involves "backdating consumer plans." (This issue is still being worked on for further discussion, but it appears to be illegal. More on this issue later.)

Word also leaked out last week that Ohio State investigators were told by the local investigator working at MRDD that issues of wrongdoing at the Verne Riffe School had been passed up through proper channels within MRDD but that Superintendent John Oakley and/or his staff ignored the information.

Sources claim that problems began to materialize after Superintendent Oakley did away with MRDD’s most experienced "Behavioral Support" workers. Sources claim that about two years ago Superintendent John Oakley became angry at the two workers, one for personal reasons and the other because she tried to send a note home with an enrollee.

The Sentinel didn’t believe that Superintendent John Oakley could go any lower than turning a blind eye to rape and molestation, but we were wrong.

Superintendent John Oakley with the assistance of MRDD employee John Cantrell decided to deny a "dying" enrollee of MRDD a final wish. This student, had a final wish to visit with Dave Ross, and his wife Kathy Ross, before he died.

Superintendent Oakley got this information about the final request after MRDD worker John Cantrell found a note, that one of the Behavioral Support workers sent home to the dying students care givers informing them on how to get in contact with Dave and Kathy Ross.

It seems that John Cantrell took the note and delivered it to Superintendent Oakley at which point Oakley chastised the employee and issued a warning to the worker about sending notes home with the enrollees without Oakley’s permission.

How low can one man (or two men) go?

Other revelations are now surfacing about one of Oakley’s Angels forcing MRDD workers to take home paperwork and study it on the workers own time without paying the workers' wages for working at home. Employees claim that they are told that if they didn’t take the work home to read and study it that they could lose their jobs.

Where will this all lead nobody is sure but one things for certain, Oakley didn’t show up for work last week and maybe he won’t ever return.


(posted 9:00 a.m., Friday, July 25, 2003)


MRDD Board should ensure next MRDD Superintendent is not one of these ladies.

By Doug Deepe, Investigative Reporter

(Posted 9:00 a.m., Friday, July 25, 2003)

Sources have confirmed to the Sentinel that a state investigator has re-opened questions concerning the relationship between MRDD and Scioto Residential Services (SRS) after the Sentinel published detailed notes of meetings with Superintendent Oakley and the MRDD staff.

In those interview notes from a January 2003 meeting, it was disclosed that Superintendent Oakley had established an illegal or immoral committee to stall services to customers that needed services, unless the customer chose MRDD.

The notes also disclosed that any services seeking assistance with special therapy such as speech therapy, occupational therapy etc. should be a "red flag issue," meaning that those services should be denied.

Another section of the minutes of the meeting contained information that clearly indicates that Superintendent Oakley was stopping MRDD enrollees from choosing which service provider that the enrollee actually wanted to use for services unless MRDD was the chosen provider.

Enrollees were forced to wait months and sometimes years to get approval for services. Superintendent Oakley and his committee would deny, deny, deny until either the enrollees accepted MRDD as their provider or the enrollee just gave up.

One firm singled out by name in the January 2003 memo is Scioto Residential Services. The Sentinel learned this week that Scioto Residential Services has been in a major legal battle with Superintendent Oakley and MRDD concerning some type of financial matter.

The disclosure of the January 2003 memo by the Sentinel gave first hand evidence to Scioto Residential Services and the state investigator that Superintendent Oakley and/or his immediate underlings at MRDD had covered up information from the state investigator.

A source from Scioto Residential Services, requesting anonymity, called the Sentinel today and thanked us for printing the January 2003 memo from MRDD telling us, "We knew Oakley and others within MRDD were withholding information from investigators and the memo finally gave us what we needed to confront them. They admitted it today."

The source could not give us specific details about the financial issues that were being addressed other than to say that someone from the state had been overseeing financial matters between MRDD and SRS for about a year.

The Sentinel learned today that SRS had filed a lawsuit against MRDD over a year ago concerning financial problems between the two agencies.

This is proof that Superintendent Oakley and his upper management team at MRDD can’t be trusted. This now raises a bigger question.

Who will the Board of MRDD and/or the Scioto County Commissioners choose to lead MRDD once Superintendent Oakley is gone?

It appears that Superintendent John Oakley has a "hand picked" successor ready to step in once he resigns. This individual was sent to complete a course to make her eligible to meet the educational requirements to be Superintendent of MRDD.

This person was chosen because she is willing to keep the corruption of the past, in the past, where Oakley wanted it to remain.

People in charge of this appointment better think long and hard before putting one of Superintendent Oakley’s immediate underlings in charge of MRDD and the Verne Riffe School.

Let’s review what we now know about these people. Oakley and his hand picked leaders covered up molestations, rapes, and sodomy of enrollees at MRDD’s Verne Riffe School.

These individuals withheld information from a state investigator and apparently lied to investigators about whatever the information was, since it was given up in recent days (possibly today).

Who has been on the teleconference calls with Superintendent Oakley while he hides out, staying away from the MRDD buildings, hoping to weather this storm? The people we at the Sentinel call "Oakley’s Angels".

Oakley’s Angels, and the three of you know who you are, has deliberately participated in helping Superintendent John Oakley cover up crimes against enrollees at the Verne Riffe School. Oakley’s Angels better not think they are going to take over Verne Riffe School, because when all is said and done, they might join him in jail where they all four belong.

None of these individuals will have the backing or trust of the employees at MRDD considering that the employees are fully aware that it was with their help (Oakley’s Angels) that all this criminal activity was allowed to remain secret for all these years.

The Sentinel hasn’t publicly named Oakley’s Angels for one reason. We want them to resign right along with Superintendent Oakley. Then let the legal system take them to task for what they helped Oakley cover-up, crimes against the enrollees.

The Sentinel has made a decision to raise a question to the Scioto County Commissioner’s and the Board of MRDD about a man Superintendent John Oakley has attempted to discredit and destroy his professional reputation. This man has not talked to any of us at the Sentinel and if Superintendent Oakley or anyone at MRDD or the Scioto County Commissioners retaliate against him for what we are about to say, it’ll be a very big legal mistake. Our information comes from people with first hand knowledge about this individual, both personally and professionally.

You have a man working at MRDD that once was Superintendent Oakley’s right hand man. A man that the parents of the enrollees and many, many former and present staff members would walk through hell and back with to help the enrollees at MRDD. His name is Mr. Dave Ross.

Why is this very qualified man sitting at a desk taking telephone notes like a secretary?

This man was the one that took Superintendent John Oakley to task and refused to be his YES MAN, and look what happened to him.

Mr. Ross, I apologize for mentioning your name publicly, but it’s time that this town is told the truth why your talents are being wasted. It’s very simple.

Superintendent Oakley replaced Mr. Ross with a less competent employee that would do anything Oakley asked of her to do because Mr. Ross would challenge Superintendent Oakley when Oakley was doing things wrong.

You can’t challenge a man like Oakley and keep your job. It took Mr. Ross filing a complaint against Superintendent Oakley to get back his salary, but Oakley was able to retaliate against Ross by stripping him of any real educational responsibilities at the Verne Riffe School.

Mr. Ross is one of the highest qualified individuals working at MRDD and the Board Members of MRDD and the Scioto County Commissioner’s have yet to challenge Superintendent Oakley as to why a man with such talent is forced to answer telephone calls.

According to the parents, former employees and current employees of MRDD, Mr. Ross was a threat to Superintendent Oakley because he (Ross) couldn’t be lied to by Oakley, and Ross wouldn’t participate in corrupt or illegal activities at MRDD.

Mr. Ross, as a taxpayer of this county, I want to apologize to you for what the Scioto County Commissioners and the Board of MRDD let Superintendent Oakley do to you. Maybe when Oakley and his Angels are removed from MRDD, you can get back to educating and training the enrollees as the MRDD programs were intended.

Keep the faith people.


(posted 8:30 a.m., Thursday, July 24, 2003)


Rape kit test written report being kept from family

By Doug Deepe, Investigative Reporter

(Posted 9:00 a.m., Thursday, July 24, 2003)

A second Sciotoville, Ohio family has come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against their 33 year old daughter by someone at MRDD.

This case began back in June of 2001 when the parents were on vacation in Florida when they were notified that their daughter returned home from MRDD’s Star Workshop having trouble walking. The caretaker staying with the alleged victim claims that when the young woman went to the bathroom blood was in the victim’s panties along with another wet substance.

The caretaker contacted the victim’s family later that evening and the caretaker was instructed to take the victim to Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) to be checked out for possible rape or molestation.

Medical officials at SOMC examined the victim and collected samples using a rape kit. While examining the victim, the nurse at SOMC noticed that the victim had substances under her finger nails.

According to the victims caretaker, the nurse informed her (the caretaker) that the substance tested positive for blood. The nurse stated that it appeared the victim had scratched somebody.

The family returned from Florida and went to the Verne Riffe School to discuss what had happened to their daughter. The family claims that nobody could provide them with any answers.

After months of no answers, Lt. Lynn Brewer allegedly contacted the victim’s family and told the mother of the victim, "I have good news and bad news. The good news is there is no semen, the bad news is we don’t know what the substance is but this is preliminary and a final written report will come later."

The mother of the alleged victim stated to the Sentinel that she was angry with Portsmouth Police Lt. Lynn Brewer because Brewer continues to refuse to turn over copies of the written medical rape kit test results.

"I’ve called Lt. Brewer on numerous occasions trying to get my hands on the final written report on the rape kit test and Lt. Brewer won’t turn it over to us. What is he hiding?" says the mother of the victim.

The mother stated to the Sentinel that a bus driver from MRDD stated to her that officials at the school were trying to force the bus driver to lie to State MRDD investigators that we’re going to come to the school to investigate this case.

Why would Portsmouth Police Lt. Lynn Brewer not turn over the rape test results if there is nothing to hide from the family?

Or was this a ploy by the Portsmouth Police Department to keep the information hidden from public view so the victims could not sue MRDD or the Portsmouth Police Department for failing to act on previous rape cases at MRDD?

Many of the victims are telling the Sentinel that the Portsmouth Police have been called to the Verne Riffe School on numerous occasions concerning potential rape, sodomy or molestation.

It appears that the Portsmouth Police didn’t arrest the alleged perpetrators because the Prosecutors Office didn’t want to bring charges against a mentally challenged defendant. If that is true, then the Prosecutors Office should be called out to explain why this decision was made.

For the third consecutive day MRDD Superintendent John Oakley was mysteriously absent from work. Sources claim that Superintendent Oakley is keeping in contact with his key personnel via teleconferencing or through email. (Ladies you should be careful what you say while eating at local restaurants.) Oakley is not coming to the Verne Riffe School.

The Sentinel is sharing our information about this case with other news media outlets that are scheduling reporters to begin heading this way to begin covering the abuses at the Verne Riffe School. We informed the media that Superintendent Oakley will refuse to meet and discuss these issues on the record.

Each media outlet is being provided with the names, phone numbers and addresses of each victim that contacts the Sentinel for help. Maybe some other news media reporter will be able to get the Scioto County Commissioners and/or the MRDD Board to come forward and answer questions about the sexual allegations at the most vulnerable school in this region.

It’s becoming clear as each day passes that the word in the political machine in Scioto County is just stay quiet and ride out the storm. This storm isn’t leaving until the dark cloud over the children at MRDD’s Verne Riffe School is lifted by a complete, independent and non-political investigation.

The students at MRDD’s Verne Riffe School deserve no less than that.


(posted 8:30 a.m., July 23, 2003)


Investigators seek names of victims.

Let’s take the Oakley Rotary 4 Way Test

By Doug Deepe, Investigative Reporter

(posted 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, July 23, 2003)

The State MRDD Office in Columbus, Ohio contacted this reporter yesterday afternoon inquiring about the articles of abuse of enrollees at Verne Riffe School printed on this web-site.

Amy Taylor and Edie Deal contacted me seeking the name of the young 17 year old student that claims he was molested at the Verne Riffe School. I immediately provided Ms. Taylor the name of the student, the parents name, home phone number and local address. The parents had agreed in advance that they wanted this information out to anyone willing to investigate this matter.

Ms. Taylor and I discussed the allegations and I provided her with the majority of the information that I have received from all the readers, parents, students etc. that have contacted me. I did not disclose any of your names, phone numbers or emails other than the parent that gave me approval to do so. I informed Ms. Taylor that many of you have stated that you are willing to meet with State Investigators privately to discuss the allegations printed on our web-site.

To get this investigation up and running faster, parents or anyone with information about possible sexual crimes at the Verne Riffe School, call these numbers and discuss your issues with a State MRDD Investigator:

MRDD Hotline: 1-866-313-6733

Amy Taylor: 1-614-995-3811

Edie Deal: 1-614-752-0094

This is your chance to finally expose what you know and your chance to get the predators off the enrollees at the Verne Riffe School. Many of you asked for our help to get this information out to the public to attract help and we’ve done what you asked us to do. Now it’s your turn to pick up the ball and run with it.


Someone called me tonight and explained to me that Superintendent Oakley is a staunch supporter of the Rotary Club. When I heard that, I went in and grabbed the Rotary 4 Way Test and thought up some questions for Oakley using his favorite clubs test as the example.

Here’s the actual Rotary International Four Way Test of things we think, say or do:

I. Is it the truth?

II. Is it FAIR to all concerned?


IV. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Let’s examine this test concerning the allegations about what’s going on behind the walls of the Verne Riffe School.

I. Are the sexual allegations true?

Answer: Three sets of parents say yes and staff members say yes.

  1. Is it FAIR to all concerned?

Answer: The silence is not fair to the individuals that were molested. Oakley’s order of silence is not fair. The only one that believes anything is fair in this situation is Oakley.


Answer: Only if you are a sexual predator. It could help your friendship with Oakley if you continue to help him hide this criminal activity.

IV. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Answer: The molested enrollees aren’t benefited. Again, only Oakley and those that keep this hidden can claim to benefit from it.

Superintendent Oakley seems to love to quote definitions to his staff.

Examples: A full page memo dated September 27, 2002 on GOSSIP.

If the employees at MRDD can not understand what the word GOSSIP means without having the Superintendent write a full page memo, including "pronunciation, function, etymology and dialect references", then maybe the Superintendent has hired the wrong employees to serve the students.

The Sandal Scandal:

You actually had a committee to decide the "footwear policy"? And then you thanked the committee for "doing a fine job with a DIFFICULT subject." How hard of a decision is it to decide that you shouldn’t wear an opened toed shoes in the Star Workshop where your feet could be injured.

Try these definitions Oakley:

Rape: a seizing by force; sexual intercourse with a woman carried out without her consent and by force.

Molestation: to annoy, persecute, disturb with hostile intent or injurious effect; to take indecent liberties with.

While you and your staff were working on dress codes and shoe policies enrollees were being criminally assaulted.

Let’s look at the Scioto County MR/DD Mission Statement (PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS, PEOPLE):

MISSION: To ensure the availability of programs, services, and supports that assist eligible individuals with mental retardation and other developmental disabilities in choosing and achieving a life of increasing capability such that they can live, work, and play in the community, and to assist and support the families of these individuals in achieving these objectives.


Superintendent Oakley, explain to me and the readers about the little girl at the Carousel Center in downtown Portsmouth that walked out of the building, down behind Crispie Crème Donut Shop, without anyone knowing she was gone? The girl was found by a Portsmouth Police Officer and returned to the Carousel Center.

The father of this little girl filed a complaint about his daughter not being monitored and because he complained services were denied for his family.


Your notes of January 9, 2003 read in part: "Karren reminded all PSC’s to review all cases of referral for service to outside agencies. It is the PSC’s job to make sure the consumer’s choice is protected and that match funding is available. (MATCH FUNDING HAS TO BE AVAILABLE) John Oakley said the BUDGET is a big responsibility of the PSC. A red flag on professional services such as speech, occupational therapy, nursing, etc. should be looked at closely by the PSC."

Maybe the parents and staff should just call the MRDD Board Members listed below and file a complaint with them. Then again, many of the staff believe this list of individuals are a rubber stamp for Oakley, so you might be wasting your time but give it a try anyway.

Martina Lauro, President 354-4502

James E. (Ernie) McLaughlin 574-8172

Elissa Gulker 858-0507

Therese Doerr 353-0787

Tom Grashel 354-2095

Paul Crabtree 259-2693

Nancy Steele 574-4779

Oh my, is this Tom Grashel the same individual that had his picture taken while with the Portsmouth High School Girls Softball Team, getting his toe nails painted, while lying on a hotel bed? Who appointed him to this important position?

If I missed any board members I’ll post you later.


(posted 8:15 a.m., Tuesday, July 22, 2003)



By Doug Deepe, Investigative Reporter

(Posted 8:15 a.m., Tuesday, July 22, 2003)

The Sentinel has been reporting over the last week about the horror behind the walls of the Verne Riffe School. The Sentinel now has confirmation from parents of a SCMRDD Verne Riffe School student that molestations are still occurring at the school under the leadership of Superintendent John Oakley. These are new molestations, not molestations committed by Zane Douglas Loper.

Yesterday afternoon two Sentinel reporters met with parents of a 17 year old boy that was molested at the Verne Riffe School this past school year. This was not the first attack on this young man by his perpetrator.

A male enrollee at the Verne Riffe School, approximate age of 20, was following younger boys into the bathrooms at the school, pulling the young boys pants down and molesting the younger boys. Nobody at Verne Riffe School notified local law enforcement officials for fear of being fired by Superintendent Oakley.

The parents of the young man that was molested stated to the Sentinel that they (the parents) had met with Superintendent Oakley and his staff after learning that their son had been molested in a closet at the Verne Riffe School by this older male student. The parents stated that Superintendent Oakley and his staff decided to keep the first molestation a "secret" from the parents because the mother of the young man was ill and Oakley "didn’t want to upset the mother because of her medical condition."

Superintendent Oakley and his staff covered up a possible felony crime.

According to the parents, Superintendent Oakley stated to the parents during the meeting that he (Oakley) couldn’t guarantee that their son would not be molested again if the boy returned to the Verne Riffe School this past school year. Oakley apparently was correct. The boy was molested upon his return to the school.

The parents stated that an agreement was made between the parents and Superintendent Oakley that the boy would be moved to a room at the school one floor above the older enrollee which had a bathroom within the schoolroom. The parents were told by Superintendent Oakley that the boys’ new teacher, Wilma, would be advised of the prior molestation. The parents claim that the teacher was not informed as promised by Oakley.

The parents claim that they found out of the latest molestation this past school year and immediately pulled their son out of the Verne Riffe School and began home schooling the young man. Superintendent Oakley wants the boy to return to the school and apparently has requested the assistance of Scioto County Children Services in getting the boy back into school.

What is heartbreaking is to talk with the young man and listen to him discuss how he misses his favorite teacher, Mr. Ison. The boy wants to return to school but he appears to understand why he can’t at the present time.

While interviewing the parents we were shown a special commendation given to this young man by the Scioto County Commissioners, so this young man is well known to the Commissioners. How can the Commissioners not address the parents and young boy about the terror they have suffered at the Verne Riffe School?

Well, someone is about to be forced to answer the parents charges against Superintendent Oakley. The Sentinel put the parents in contact with a very good lawyer who will be meeting with the young man and the parents to plan what should be done to get Superintendent Oakley and the staff at SCMRDD into court.

The Sentinel has provided names of potential witnesses from MRDD that have knowledge about the molestations within the Verne Riffe School and the lawyer will be using subpoena power to force these people to come forward and testify about what has been going on behind the walls of Verne Riffe School.

Those at MRDD that ordered keeping these secrets about the molestation of the kids at MRDD should be held accountable, both criminally and civilly. The only thing that seems to get the attention of the elected officials in Scioto County is legal battles. Rather than stand up and do the honorable thing and ask for Superintendent Oakley’s resignation it looks like the County Commissioners would rather deal with another lawsuit.

Well ones on the way and this one will bring the house of cards down around you. Superintendent Oakley appears to not be in very good stead with his employees so it’s clear that the employees are going to have their chance to put this man out on a limb and then saw the limb off. This is going to be your chance employees.

Many of you have wondered if the Sentinel was going to walk away from this issue. I think you should know by now that we aren’t going anywhere until Superintendent Oakley is removed from that job over our mentally challenged precious children.

Tomorrow the Sentinel is meeting with another set of parents that claim their daughter was molested at the Verne Riffe School. This story will either appear later in the week.

Hang in their staff at MRDD. These suits will allow you to speak freely for the first time in a long time; we understand the oppression you have been under for years.





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